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to the New Home of Boulder Valley Ice at Superior


Learn to Play Hockey

Expanded Learn to Play Hockey Classes

FINALLY... Our Spring Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey Schedule is available (see below)... All classes starting in our Spring Schedule will be in our new state-of-the-art facility! Many of you have seen this building, but if you have not, the new building is only about 400 yards away from our current location. We will provide maps and new address before the classes start!

Also, as you will see there are many more options available for classes! 

The other big change is the names of the classes, you can see below for these, but basically instead of Basic 1 and 2 or Snowplow 1 or 2 they are both called Learn to Skate 1 or Learn to Skate 2 and so on for all other levels. 

We are very excited for the new changes and can't wait to see you in the Sport Stable (new facility) this Spring!


This program will work with adults at all skill levels to help get them started in the game of hockey.  This program will have multiple levels, so we can cater to the player that is just getting started or to the player that would like to improve their game.  Each of these 101 &102 will focus on basic on-ice skill like: skating, passing, shooting, stick-handing and higher levels basic game concepts.  The main goal is to move players from clinics into adult leagues here at Boulder RMHL.

Learn to Play Hockey Program Information



All classes are 60 minutes long with an exception on Tuesday Mornings (30 minutes), with a 30 minute practice time on a public session either before or after class depending on the class the skater is enrolled in. This is for Learn to Skate participants only, Parents and/or siblings may pay a fee to skate with the participant during this practice time.



Class Advancement:

It is not unusual for skaters to repeat a class two or more times. Skaters are allowed to develop at their own pace. Skills taught build upon each other, and to move a skater up before they master a skill only makes skating more difficult. Skaters will be evaluated each session (First day and Last day) to determine progress. See class curriculums below.



  • Class Fee $120.00 (Learn to Skate) $150.00 (Learn to Play Hockey)

  • Price includes a one hour lesson, half hour practice on a public session and skate rental fee.

  • There is an additional $12.00 annual fee (charged annually) which provides registration with United States Figure Skating and a supplemental insurance policy. Also, includes a Basic Skills Program Record Book and bi-monthly subscription to Ice Skating Magazine. For more information visit



Learn to Play Hockey Requirements:

Learn to Play Hockey classes run simultaneous to our Learn to Skate classes. Skaters must have passed wither Basic 1 & 2 or Snowplow 1 & 2 to be eligible to join Learn to Play. Full gear is not required, but knee and elbow pads are HIGHLY recommended! Helmets of any type (bike, hockey, ski, etc…) are required. Also, we will provide the skater with a BHC jersey.




Make-Up Classes:

Due to the size of the program, we are unable to guarantee make-up classes. There may be an opportunity to schedule a make-up class on another day that there are lessons. This will need to be handled on an individual basis. Only one make-up class per session with be allowed and has to be made-up in the same session, not in a future session.

To schedule a make-up a class, please email Leslye Burch at at least 3 days before the optimal make-up day.



Tuesdays: (Classes run from March 29 – May 17, 2016)

4:00-5:00pm - Hockey (all levels)


Fridays: (Classes run from April 1 – May 20, 2016)

                  4:40-5:40pm – Hockey (all levels)


Saturdays: (Classes run from April 2 – May 21, 2016)

                  11:30am-12:30pm – Hockey (all levels)


Sundays: (Classes run from April 3 – May 22, 2016)

                  12:00-1:00pm   - Men’s Hockey 1 and 2

                  1:15-2:15pm – Women’s Hockey 1 and 2


Skills Learned at Each Level:

Hockey 1 (Ages 10 and Under): Sit & Stand with skates on: Proper stance march in place, march forward, 2-foot glide, dip in place, scooter pushes, forward swizzles, snowplow stop, back skating


Hockey 2 (Ages 10and Under): Backward stance, skating forward using full strides, backward hustle, backward swizzles, glide turns, moving snowplow stops.


Hockey 3 (Ages 10 and Under): Fwd C-cuts, hockey turns, forward slalom, forward stop and starts, backward V-stop, lateral marching crossovers


Hockey 4 (Ages 10 and Under): Forward one-foot pushes, forward crossover glides, forward crossovers, alternating backward C-cuts, backward one-foot glide, mohawks, hockey stops


- To move up to the next level, the student must be tested and have passed the previous level by their instructor.